… what makes a cactus different

is his awareness as a matter of course and the absence of any “attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder”.

(mijke gelbmann)

What I mean is, that blooming flowers in all their beauty need a lot of attention and easily get cut (because of their beauty 😉

A CACTUS doesn’t depend on any “needs” – his resources come from inside.

He grows in self-evidence , gratefulness and awareness. People don’t pick a cactus, put it in a vase and dispose it when the attraction is gone.

This blog’s name is rooted to the “Lucky Luke” comics and my desert-allegories:

“When your path of life leads you through a desert … someone told you, to turn right at the next junction, that one, where a cactus stands  … and you are out there in the sand, millions of cactea, no directions 😉 The only impulse you can follow, is your instinct: Trust yourself! – that’s what I call a “cactus junction” – love that comparison.

Dedicated to my passion for nature’s gifts.


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