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  1. cactusjunction says:

    If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.

    1. skyscraper says:

      “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
      (Oscar Wilde)

  2. SilverSurfer says:

    Surfing the worlds …
    Every time I try to simplify my duties I have to recognize that I have already 5 little jodders, an oldfashioned leatherbound organizer, 3 briefcases and a storage rack of file folders only for organizing fuckin’ accounts, passwords, usernames, permission codes and silly identification questions … and all that shit doesn‘t decrease.
    I really tried hard to live without the common forced personal transparency. Either I don‘t permit a questionabel organisation saving my diseases on an e-card (pilger to a private praxis & pay cash) or to take part in stupid competition or lottery … well, no way … At all, the experiment to live without credit card is an adventure on its own (you simply don’t exist for airlines, hotels and companies) – throw your passport away, only GoldCard makes you a verified human beeing!

    So, I dare to say that I really don‘t mess around with my personal data.
    I just wanted to use a mobile phone and do a little blogging … that was it!

  3. Nightrider says:

    The plastic world isn‘t that simple as they tell us – read this:

    an get yourself a new passport!

  4. cactusjunction says:


    Sorry, didn‘t see you …
    Sorry too, have seen that you saw me – I don‘t mind that you did …
    So you are here too …
    As you can see …
    What are you doing here?
    Right now I watched you (not) seeing me … and you?
    I’m here to be seen …
    Well, and I am here to see!

  5. wild@heart says:

    by surprise
    … you talked with me
    by surprise
    … you walked with me
    and by surprise you went away…
    if you return, I’ ll ask you to stay

    1. cactusjunction says:

      Go ahead, wild@heart

  6. idiot says:

    by surprise…

    it’s important to stay openminded and to live to see…

    like a boat on the sea
    like a horse on the range
    like a bike going downhill.

    and by surprise you realise
    she’s waiting for you.

    she’s not waiting for you to come home or to meet her
    she’s waiting for you to leave…

    1. cactusjunction says:

      dear idiot,
      tear-jerking is not the way you should let yourself down, rhyme copying even less. Howl at the full moon and figure out natures heritage. Can’t own one another, you just can accompany each other.

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